Email Tracking

Know when and who reads your email, from where !

delivered to all recipients unread by few recipients read by all recipients

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Email tracking

Send and Get Notified.

Be in the know what happens to your emails after you press send.

Real-time tracking delivers instant feedback when your messages are opened or clicked, allowing you to send perfectly timed follow-up, and close deals faster.

Act on your email, in real-time


All data are stored in your accounts, and not in our servers.


Receive real-time notification pop-ups or even emails when your emails are opened.

Stay in the know

See in your mailbox if your emails have been opened.

How marketers transform to leaders

  • donestay in the know
  • doneget time on their side
  • donegain visibility and take control
  • donework faster, smarter
  • doneact when the time is right

Get things done

Know and Act.

Build a complete picture of your interactions with your customers. Our technology gives you control of your own data and opens up a world of possibility to deliver a differentiated service.

Act on your know, in real-time.

  • Label & Track

    Automatically categorize emails by adding a label of your choice.

  • Control

    Our users decide what email they want to track and when.

  • startup interface start business statistic


    Know how often a lead opens an email and how long after you sent it.

  • Ownership

    Our users own their data. We never store or access our users own data.

  • Freedom

    We set our users free to do what they want with their data. No vendor lock-in.

  • FAQ

    Frequently asked Questions

From our clients

blueticks has allowed us to stay on top of leads and has driven sales productivity helping us stay focused on selling than guessing

stephen morgan